Luke Harper On Sitting At Home While Injured, Working Dark Matches Upon His Return, Infamous ‘Jobbers’ Scream

WWE SmackDown Live superstar, Luke Harper, was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast earlier this week, promoting his new movie Mohawk.

During the interview, Harper discussed what it was like being home injured, making his return in dark matches and the infamous scream from the jobber against the Bludgeon Brothers. You can see some highlights below:

On being home injured:

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“It’s brutal, you are watching your world go on and you can’t get in that world and you also know that’s how you make your living so it’s a mental hurdle. But once you realize oh you have this house and family, you can understand what you have at home and they make me way better for being out.” 

Making his return to all dark matches:

“Being the dark match king gave me the gratification of I can still do this, being at home I questioned it a little more. But being on TV is the goal and to not be featured or have an outlet was the struggle for me, then to get that outlet and to kill it, then to go back again was frustrating as I know I belong there. I know I am good and that I belong here, they just aren‘t putting me there.” 

The infamous jobber scream:

“We got to the back and someone said hey man what about that scream, Rowan turns to me and goes why did you do that and I go I don’t know, he heard it and thought it was me. I watched it back and told him that wasn’t me, I said I don’t think I can get that pitch.”  

You can listen to the full interview by clicking, here.

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Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast