Jeff Jarrett Opens Up About Having to Wrestle Immediately After the Tragic Death of Owen Hart

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett was a recent guest on “Prime Time with Sean Mooney”, and in the clip above, Jarrett opens up about his relationship with the late Owen Hart, and Hart’s tragic death at WWE’s “Over the Edge” PPV in 1999.

Below is what Jarrett had to say on having to wrestle immediately after Owen’s fatal fall at the PPV:

“When I say going through the motions, that is something that…strictly instinct. Because me and Owen dressed in that building, in a really, really small PPV Sunday. Every nook and cranny is filled with wrestlers or production crates or whatever and we had found a small locker room. And I can remember him walking out of the dressing room, and I was on after him, and I knew that I had 15-20 minutes, and it was literally minutes, and I heard somebody screaming ‘you’re up, you’re up’, and I’m like, ‘no I’m not’. And they go, ‘yeah’, and I can remember, ‘what?’ I was essentially ready, but I had no idea and I can remember walking down the hall and they said he had an accident, and he was, you know, nothing ever, obviously in your wildest dreams…it’s a blown out knee or whatever. Something so, so, so trivial. And you get on set, and to this day I haven’t watched it back, but you get on set and all of a sudden a mass of people come through, and there’s a gentleman on top of Owen doing CPR and compressions and so I’m told, the look on my face set in, you realize it, and you do the promo, go to the ring, and that was the first and end of last year, for those who know what I’m talking about those who don’t don’t know what I’m talking about, but I had some discussions as part of a treatment, and that was discussed very deeply and very privately. But I knew something was wrong then because, just the aura and the vibe, walking through the curtain after that match, and the police car, they had it set up for me, and God bless them they did, and I drove immediately to the hospital, and I can remember one of the ER people walking out and meeting me and giving me the news.”

You can listen to more in the video player above, and if any of the above quotes are used for article purposes, please credit for the transcription.

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