Dortmund historian Jan-Henrik Gruszecki: “Thomas Tuchel made a lot of mistakes in big matches.”

Speaking to RMC show Footissme, Borussia Dortmund historian Jan-Henrik Gruzecki had some choice words for Thomas Tuchel, who is now the manager of PSG and formerly the BVB coach. Both sides face each other in the Champions’ League next week.

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“He made a lot of tactical mistakes. In big matches, Thomas Tuchel demonstrated that he is not one of the best coaches in Europe because he is not able to win big matches. He has never won big matches with Borussia Dortmund.”

Funke Sport journalist Sebastian Wessling commented on Tuchel’s relationship with Mats Hummels, which fractured both the defender departed in 2016:

“Tuchel felt that Hummels was sometimes poorly positioned in matches and took too many risks moving out of the defence too early, leaving gaps behind them. Thomas Tuchel really didn’t like that, he wanted a more conservative style of football from the centre-back and Mats Hummels didn’t want to deliver that.”

Another journalist, Sebastian Kulsberger, added on Tuchel:

“He was not the guy who could really be empathetic with the players because he was just focused on tactical things so some players were not very happy with him.”