Becky Lynch Recalls Dusty Rhodes Helping Her with Promos

WWE has posted a new preview of tonight’s WWE 24 episode on Becky Lynch, which features The Man talking about Dusty Rhodes’ influence on her. You can see the clip below:
On her first day at NXT: “I show up at NXT, day one, and I go in and this place is spectacular. There is seven wrestling rings, there’s a state-of-the-art gym. Beautiful, clean locker rooms. And there’s the people that I’d seen on the telly. And it was just walking in and being in awe, seeing all of these people that I had watched my whole life. And feeling really shy, like a complete impostor. Like, ‘How the hell did I end up here?’”
On struggling initially in NXT: “I was in a class with these girls who had never wrestled before, and honestly, a lot of them were better than me. Because they were athletes and I wasn’t a natural athlete. But I gave it my all, so, even if I was terrible in the ring I was always asking for help, I’d always be going to the gym outside of hours. Then I saw some familiar faces.”
On working on promos and Dusty Rhodes’ influence on her: “The one thing I was good at was I would go into promo class every week. And I come up with these wacky characters and these wacky promos. And Dusty Rhodes, just, liked me … Dusty always liked his broken toys, he didn’t have time for the finished product, he wanted the ones that were just a little bit rough around the edges. That was me. He just liked that I wasn’t conventional and that I was a little all over the place and I was a little quirky. But there was something to me. There was a spark to me, he saw that when nobody else did. And eventually, it just got better. It’s funny how it works when you work hard at something, eventually, ya get better.”Click Here: Tottenham Hotspur Jersey Sale