Cody Acquires the Trademark for BattleBowl and Bunkhouse Stampede, more

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued responses for several trademark attempts filed by Cody for terms like Bash at the Beach and Dusty Rhodes, among others. As PWInsider notes, the USPTO has given initial refusals to those two trademark applications and approved the applications for BattleBowl, Bunkhouse Stampede, The Prince of Wrestling, The American Nightmare, and The American Dream.
The refusal for Bash at the Beach says that it was given the initial denial “because of a likelihood of confusion with” The Bash, which WWE has held the trademark on since 2010. The refusal notes that “the marks sound similar and have a similar meaning when viewed in the context of the wrestling services to which they relate.”
In the case of Dusty Rhodes, the refusal was given due to the likelihood of confusion with Dustin Runnels’ “Dustin Rhodes” trademark. It also notes that Cody has to clarify if the mark is for a particular living individual (obviously not the case here), which requires consent of such an individual.
In both cases, an initial refusal isn’t the end of the road for an application. Cody can resubmit and provide additional documents or other evidence supporting why the marks should be approved.
As for the other trademarks, they are now set to be published for opposition.Click Here: cheap adidas women shoes