Lio Rush Reportedly Has Asked for his Release

We previously reported that Lio Rush has a lot of heat on him backstage in WWE, primarily due to his attitude, disrespecting veterans and other incidents in which he turned down the advice of Finn Balor and Mark Henry. He also reportedly turned down a contract of $300,000 per year, telling WWE to “double that number.” PWInsider has more details on some of his backstage antics, including as it relates to his contract. We noted that there was talk of sending Rush to NXT to build a new character for him so he could be more than just a manager. Rush has said more than once that he wanted the company to release him so he can “show them” what he could do outside of WWE. Obviously that hasn’t happened.
It was also reported that there have been several complaints about Rush bringing his wife backstage and letting her change clothes in the women’s locker room as far back as the November 2018 European tour. We previously noted that he brings his wife with him to TV constantly, and this was no exception.Click Here: Wojciech Szczesny Jersey Sale