NXT UK Results (12/12): Joe Coffey vs Trent Seven, The Hunt For Tag Team Champions Begins!

NXT UK Results
December 12, 2018
Episode #15

— A video package opens the show recapping the reveal of the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, as Triple H tells the roster to begin preparing their teams for competition.


This is a rematch from their match two weeks ago, which Aichner won in an impressive display. The two immediately brawled into the corner throwing wild rights and lefts. Flash hit a series of quick armdrags and set his opponent to the floor, looking to fly early on. Aichner dodged a tope to the outside and sent Flash crashing into the steel ring steps. Mark Andrews came out to get in the ear of his friend, encouraging him to get back in the ring.

Aichner immediately went to work with clubbing blows, before caving his chest in with stomps in the corner. He applied an old school nerve hold to slow things down, as the crowd chanted obscenities. Flash tried to fight back and got to his feet, but was sent hard into the turnbuckles. Aichner rushed the corner but came up empty, flying over the ropes to the floor — the same spot Triple H tore his peck with earlier this year.

Flash came back with a series of quick dropkicks, into a running knee strike, more closely resembling Nakamura’s single-leg dropkick. He hit an enzuigiri in the ropes before connecting with a corkscrew crossbody, but only got two. Aichner found some energy exploding out of nowhere with a huge lariat, turning Flash inside out for a nearfall. A big boot connected to the jaw of his opponent, but Flash fought back with kicks of his own. Aichner got the better of the exchange and hit a brutal looking vertical suplex Brainbuster, but it still wasn’t enough to end the match.

Aichner started screaming in Flash’s face, telling him to stay down, but Webster nailed him in the skull with two sickening headbutts. He slowly climbed to the top rope looking to put things away, but his opponent bailed to the outside. Aichner baited him to the floor and went on the attack with wild rights and lefts. He threw Flash into the steps and brought his kneepad down, looking to seriously injure the dude, but Mark Andrews stood in the way. Flash used the distraction to roll his opponent up in the ring, stealing the win!

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster

— Amir Jordan does an interview backstage stating that he and Kenny Williams are on the same page. He says they’re not afraid of their opponents tonight, because their goals are locked on becoming the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions. He started getting hyped up, but Kenny showed up and told him to calm down and stop dancing, because they haven’t won anything yet.


Dawn went for early kicks and took her opponent to the mat, stomping on the knee and working the leg with a submission. Kelly fought back with a suplex into the corner turnbuckles, but the damage had very quickly been done as she limped her way into a cannonball splash. Dawn saw her opening and continued with kicks to the leg, weakening Kelly up and delivering a series of big suplexes. A running knee strike found its mark right on the jaw, and Dawn followed with a snap belly-to-belly suplex, floating over into a pin.

Winner: Isla Dawn

— Isla was interviewed about what is next for her. She said her eyes were set on the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Rhea Ripley wasted no time in making her presence felt, coming out to the stage and sarcastically clapping at the woman in the ring. Dawn challenged the champ to get in the ring and put the title on the line, which the crowd seemed to like. Ripley simply raised the title in the air, shook her head and walked away.


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