Mick Foley On Why Christmas Is So Important to Him, Dressing as Santa, Stephanie McMahon & His New Book

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, and below are some interview highlights:

On why Christmas is so important to him and dressing as Santa Claus:

“Christmas brings out the best in people. I know there are those who think it’s overly commercialized, but all I see in Santa Claus is the ability to bring joy to people. When I think of Christmas, I think of joy.”

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

“I had visited a little boy in the Stony Brook Cancer Center in New York, and he was so sick I doubted he’d even remember the visit from Santa,” recalled Foley. “I was worried that the visit wasn’t successful, but I looked over at his mom, and she had tears streaming down her cheeks, so touched that someone was going out of his way to try to bring some joy to her son. I gave her my information and asked if she’d like me to visit the house as Santa. I really wished I could have done more for them.”

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On Stephanie McMahon’s involvement in his new book:

“It’s extremely personal, and I originally planned on self-publishing for 100 or 200 people, but the two people who changed my mind were my publisher/editor/publicist Jason Pinter and Stephanie McMahon,” said Foley. “Stephanie was my weekly sounding board in WWE. When it came time to select someone to write the foreword for the book, I told Stephanie that she wasn’t just my first choice, she was my only choice.

“Even before I decided to publish, Stephanie grew to really take an interest in it. She did a remarkable job with the foreword, considering the amount of time and effort she put into it, while I wrote my foreword for Diamond Dallas Page in 90 minutes while watching TV.”

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