Major Update On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Crown Jewel Status

A report by has provided a major update on Daniel Bryan’s status ahead of Friday’s WWE Crown Jewel event, where he is set to face AJ Styles.

It was originally reported by Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports that both John Cena and Daniel Bryan were refusing to take part in the WWE Crown Jewel event and yesterday the company announced that Cena is no longer taking part in the show, with Bobby Lashley replacing him.

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According to the report by, WWE is set to be dealt another blow as Daniel Bryan will not be traveling to Saudi Arabia either, with the popular superstar also refusing to go.

This puts the planned WWE Championship match between him and AJ Styles in major jeopardy and it is currently unknown what WWE is going to do to solve the situation. WWE was planning on having the two men wrestle in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and then air the match during the broadcast, but apparently, those ideas have been nixed.

Bryan is being advertised for SmackDown Live tonight and is set to be confronted by AJ Styles, meaning the company will likely run an angle during the show. WWE could have the match happen on SmackDown tonight, and then have Styles face someone new on Friday at Crown Jewel.

The report states that Rusev’s name has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Bryan, although that is not confirmed. WWE could run a possible injury angle or have Bryan be attacked by another superstar in order to write him out of the match, but whatever plans WWE goes with, Bryan is not expected to be in Saudi Arabia for WWE Crown Jewel.

WWE has yet to confirm that Bryan will not be going to Saudi Arabia and hasn’t given a specific reason for John Cena’s absence either, with neither WWE Superstar making any official comments at this time either.

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