John Cena Explains Why He Loves Working With New Talent

Former 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was recently a guest on Edge and Christian’s podcast, where he expressed his passion for working with new WWE signees and main roster call ups.

In recent years, Cena has had amazing matches with guys like Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, both of which had been wrestling for quite a while, but they were new to the WWE system and audience, which is why Cena wanted to work with them.

“AJ was kinda the culmination for years we began recruiting very gifted performers in a physical aspect,” Cena said. “I think you can probably take the calendar all the way back to CM Punk. With Punk and Daniel Bryan and signing a lot of guys from Ring Of Honor or the indies, I think it’s just generally assessing your playing field.

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“Like a match against Brock Lesnar or Braun Strowman isn’t going to be the same as with Kevin Owens or AJ Styles. I just try to do my best to give the — you know I’m at a point where I do need to showcase my abilities. But essentially the goal is for a guy like AJ to show he can hang with John Cena and to do that he really has to show what he’s made of.

“So we gotta do the best and showcase what those guys have and I think you know in terms of like Brock or even Roman or Braun that is a bit of a different tale because I think the interest is already there. But when you have guys especially — you know I really love the chance to be able to showcase guys for essentially the first time. Like I know that Chris [Jericho] worked with AJ before but I don’t think he really got a proper chance. He debuted in the wrong role, he really didn’t do much. And that’s kinda what I based my argument on when we kinda butted heads a little bit.

“But I really him to be able to showcase what he could do because man he is just super, super good. And a guy like Kevin [Owens] was the same thing. When he came in — and there were a bunch of those names because not only do you let these guys talk and let them make a statement and I thought any of these guys whether it be Punk, Bryan, and the list goes on and on with Seth, and Kevin, and AJ and I think any of those guys who come from traditional roots of pro wrestling who made it to ‘the dance’ and got a chance to brush up against me I thought they did a great job explaining themselves on the microphone. I thought it’s all been some of their best promo work and it’s all been some of their best performance. So I don’t know man, I try to be the best chameleon I can I guess.”