Ed Nordholm Says He’s Not Involved in Impact’s Booking

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Anthem Sports president Ed Nordholm spoke about his minimal involvement with the creative process for Impact Wrestling, possibly pushing the boundaries like the WWF Attitude Era and more. Here are highlights: 
On not being involved with creative: “We spend thirteen weeks at a time getting ready for the PPVs, and watching the stories develop. And although I’m not heavily involved in that creative process, I’m certainly excited to watch the match-ups line up and the talent themselves get into their own sort of jockeying as to who’s going to have position for the PPV.” 
On pushing the boundaries like the Attitude Era: “The limitations of a prime time broadcast program are to find the edges that are in line. And maybe sometimes you get too close to the fire and get burned, and maybe we’ll be criticized for not going far enough…I don’t think we’ll see the Attitude Era. I don’t think any of us have much interest. This is the day and age where that type of misogynistic sort of behavior is coined in play anyway. But I do see some stronger places where women wrestlers are receiving more and more types of match ups, action moves, flying moves, how far we can go in their storylines.” 
On the creative benefits of moving to Pursuit: “Within the limitations of what we can do on conventional television, we want to find where those boundaries are. It may be the matches that get done – perhaps we do things that aren’t for television that we do elsewhere as well. So, we’re always looking to create something for everybody as interesting of a product as we can put on that stage.” 
On the possibility of an Austin Aries return: “That’s more of a creative thing, I’d say Austin is Austin. He’s his own man and he’s a talented wrestler, and if there was an opportunity for him to wrestle with us, I’m sure we could find something that worked for everybody. But he is who he is.”Click Here: wicklow gaa jerseys