WWE Women's & Tag-Team Titles Officially Added To SmackDown Live Brand

As promised, two new world championships were introduced to the blue brand on Tuesday night, as SmackDown Live will now be home to their own Women’s Champion and Tag-Team Champions.

SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan posted a tweet prior to tonight’s show promising to introduce two new titles to the brand, and the two aforementioned titles are now official additions to the brand.

Both SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan announced how the titles would be decided early into this week’s show. Below is from the official SmackDown Live results on WWE.com:

“Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan kicked off the show with members from the women’s and tag team rosters behind them to both announce and unveil two highly anticipated new championships for each respective division.

“Shane-O-Mac and Bryan declared that the SmackDown Women’s Champion would be decided via a Six-Pack Challenge at Backlash on Sept. 11. Team Blue’s new Tag Team Champions would also be decided at Backlash, however the two teams that would fend for the pay-per-view finals would be decided via a tournament that would kick off tonight!”

To find out who ends up in the contender slots for the new SmackDown Women’s and Tag-Team Champions, read our SmackDown Live report for this week by clicking here.

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