December 20th, 2019


We kick off tonight’s show with Daniel Bryan, displaying his new look in full as he gets the WWE Universe started with a big YES! chant. Bryan says he doesn’t know where he has been, but he knows that The Fiend ripped out his hair and his beard.

YES! YES! YES! YES!@WWEDanielBryan kicks off #SmackDown RIGHT NOW on @FOXTV! pic.twitter.com/QPSvgVwMUW

— WWE (@WWE) December 21, 2019

However, what he noticed was missing when he came too was the Daniel Bryan brand. He said that he got home and saw his daughter, and she cried as she didn’t know who he was, as she just knew Daniel Bryan the brand. But even though she didn’t recognise him, he recognised him.

He saw the man who had to scratch and claw for everything that he was given. That was the man who came on Sunday and kicked Bray Wyatt’s ass, as Bryan claims that Wyatt succeeded in changing him. Bryan says he is going to change Bray as well, as he is going to prove him wrong in the fact that he can’t feel pain as he calls out the WWE Champion.

However, it isn’t Wyatt who answers as The Miz makes his way down. He says that Wyatt attacked his family, and Bryan doesn’t understand what that is like and he didn’t care about winning at TLC, he wanted to just hurt him. However, now he wants to take what matters to Wyatt the most… the Universal Championship.

But it appears someone might not agree with that as King Corbin makes his presence known. Corbin questions what the matter is for Miz, saying that if his daughter had some more of his wife’s genes, it wouldn’t have been so scary. Corbin then goes to Bryan, saying he looks like Baby Yoda.

Corbin says Bryan’s brand is a failure, unlike him, who defeated Kurt Angle in his farewell match, won KOTR, and defeated Roman Reigns. Corbin says he doesn’t care about their personal issues, as he is next in line for the title by virtue of his win against Roman Reigns.

Corbin says that they have failed as WWE Superstars, and they have failed as fathers. That may have been a step too far though, as the two fathers look to attack Corbin, however, Dolph Ziggler appears from behind and attacks them.

With Miz and Bryan blindsided, the heels dominate as Miz is taken out with a superkick and Bryan is planted with End Of Days.


Before the match begins, Heavy Machinery is interviewed backstage as Mandy Rose interrupts. Rose says she got Otis in the Secret Santa and she saw what happened last week, and she presents him with a ham, and then a kiss.

The holidays just got even more jolly for #HeavyMachinery's @otiswwe on #SmackDown…courtesy of @WWEMandyRose! pic.twitter.com/pNnkxApWdZ

— WWE (@WWE) December 21, 2019

The match begins with The Revival mocking Heavy Machinery’s Santa outfits, but they end up eating two big back body drops as they then crush Scott Dawson in between them. However, as Tucker heads to the outside he is sent crashing into the steel steps and then headfirst into the announce table.

The Top Guys then decide to get some cookies and smash them into Otis’ face as they then launch a present into his head. Otis manages to return to make the save though, stopping Tucker from being put through a table.

He then sets Dash Wilder up to go through it, but Dawson stops him by using a fire extinguisher as they send him crashing through from the apron. As we return from commercial though Tucker is fighting back into the match for his team on the ramp as he suplexes Dawson into it.

However, Wilder comes from behind and smashes Tucker with a present as he reveals it was a bowling ball and he then rolls the ball down the ramp and into his opponent. Back in the ring The Revival set up a Christmas tree in the corner, but Tucker smartly moves as Wilder tries to crush him, leading to Dash going straight into the tree.

The Revival regain control though and send Tucker flying into the announce table which knocks the ham onto the floor. This angers Otis who fires up and grabs Dawson, but Dash Wilder tries to make the save with a candy cane kendo stick.

That attack has no effect though and Otis instead suplexes him into a bunch of presents. Otis then dominates Dawson inside the ring, taking control of the match as he then brings out a bag of Lego and puts them all over the floor, slamming Dawson back first into the toys.

ONTO THE LEGOS!!!@otiswwe @ScottDawsonWWE #SmackDown pic.twitter.com/fenWrorkHg

— WWE (@WWE) December 21, 2019

Otis then shows amazing power, having Wilder on his shoulders and Dawson in his arms, sending both men flying at the same time. Otis then hits the Caterpillar as Tucker returns for a Compactor to win the match.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

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