WWE 205 Live Results (11/14): Cedric Alexander vs Lio Rush, Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick vs Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher, Lucha House Party & More!

WWE 205 Live Results
Click Here: striped gaa shirtNovember 14,2018

— Drake Maverick starts off the show recapping the strange new friendship between Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa and their rivalry with Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher. Next Maverick hypes up the main event match between Lio Rush and Cedric Alexander, showing Lio Rush interrupting Cedric Alexander training down in the performance center. Maverick also hypes if Lio Rush can stay undefeated in singles competition after tonight.

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick vs Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher

Akira Tozawa is asked backstage about his past rivalry with Brian Kendrick and ask how they plan to work together after all they’ve been through including a brutal street fight. Both Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick give the backstage interviewer a look before making their entrance.

Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak start the match but tags out instantly so Jack Gallagher is in. Kendrick lands a big boot to Drew Gulak and takes over the match with a few big moves before hitting tagging in Tozawa , Kendrick hits Gallagher with a bodyslam as Tozawa hits his jumping swanton. Tozawa throws some stiff chops to Gallagher then fakes him out for a jab to the face! Tozawa stomps Gallagher in the corner of the ring before tagging in Kendrick. The team hits another double team move… Gallagher is able to gain control and tag in Drew Gulak, As soon as Gulak enters the ring Kendrick unleashes a fury of punches upon his former friend. Gallagher tags himself in without Kendrick seeing him to gain the advantage. Drew gulak tags in and hits a big clothesline on Kendrick and goes for the pin. 1…2.. and kick out from Kendrick! Gulak is working on Kendrick’s arm as the crowd tries to rally Kendrick back to his feet. Gallagher tags in and hits  surfboard type move slamming Kendrick’s legs into the mat. Gallagher tags in Gulak, as they hit a double team move on Kendrick! Gulak dropping him with an atomic bomb then a big knee to the face from Gallagher. Gallagher and Gulak are in firm control wearing down Kendrick as Tozawa is in the corner trying to cheer his partner on to a tag. Kendrick fights back, hits a big boot to Gulak and finally able to make a tag as Kendrick and Gallagher both tag in their partners! Tozawa is on fire with a big boot, a kick to the stomach then crawls between his legs and hits a big kick to the face as Gulak rolls to the outside.

Tozawa runs the ropes and hits a big suicide dive striking head first into Gulak’s shoulder! Tozawa climbs to the top rope and as Gallagher tries to get involved Kendrick makes the save and Tozawa hits a missile drop kick and goes for the cover. 1…2.. and kick out from Gulak! Tozawa get Gulak in an Octopus type submission in the middle of the ring but Gallagher uses Kendrick to break up the submission! Tozawa and Kendrick stare each other down and gives Gallagher enough time to throw Kendrick out the ring as Gulak rolls up Tozawa 1…2.. 3.. Gulak wins!

Winner:  Jack Gallagher and Drew Gulak

— We head backstage to an official weigh in for this Sunday’s Cruiserweight championship match between Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy at Survivor Series . Drake Maverick oversees the weigh in between the two competitors. Ali is up first weighing in at 182 pounds, Buddy Murphy weighed in at exactly 204 pounds barely making weight. Ali and Murphy start shoving each other as Adam Pierce, Drake Maverick and a referee break it up

— Backstage Buddy Murphy is asked what started the confrontation between him and Ali Earlier. Buddy Murphy says he reminded Ali what this match was about, It wasn’t about stealing the show, their rivalry and that i was simply about HIS championship and that Ali didn’t know what he was in-store for him this Sunday.

Lucha House Party (Kalisto and Lince Dorado) vs Mike Karma & Kraig Keesaman 

Lince Dorado starts off the match with either Mike Karma. Karma turns his back on Lince Dorado and Dorado nails him with a mean sounding chop then follows it up with a springboard stunner and a hurricanrana! Keesaman gets some control and taunts the Lucha chant but he eats a superkick for his efforts. Kalisto tags in for the first time and hits some innovative offense. Kalisto hits Salida Del Sol off the top rope then hits a big dive to Karma to the outside of the ring right afterwards , Lince Dorado then hits a shooting starpress to pick up the victory!

— After the match Maria Kanellis appears on the jumpotron and says Mike Kanellis & TJP haven’t forgot what Lucha House party did to them last week, and says the only reason Lucha House party is being allowed to celebrate is because Gran Metalik isn’t there and She’s a women of equal opportunity. She announces Gran Metalik vs TJP for next week on 205 Live!

Winners: Lucha House Party!

— Cedric Alexander is backstage and cuts a promo about being undefeated by outworking everybody in the locker room day in and day out. He then says this is just a game to Lio Rush and a way for him to get famous. But to Cedric this is his life and this means he leaves a legacy. He then says kids around the world  depend on him, like his daughter  and the kids who watch him wishing he could in his position. He then says his legacy doesn’t end tonight and the Age of Alexander continues.

Main Event: Lio Rush Vs Cedric Alexander

The two talk trash as they circle the ring and try doing  a test for strength as Lio Rush backs into the corner asking for a break. The crowd is Chanting “lets go Lio/ Lio Sucks”. Lio rushes tries to grab a leg of Cedric but Cedric counters with a wrist-lock, Rush tries to counter but Cedric maintains control of the lock. Rush is able to get Cedric to the ropes to break the hold. Cedric offers the clean break but Lio rush locks in a headlock instead. Cedric runs the rope , rolls over Lio rush and tries a hurricanrana, Lio Rush dodges and tries a Hurricanrana of his own but Cedric somehow manages to land on his feet! More Trash talk from the two competitors and Lio rush swipes the feet and slaps Cedric in the face. Cedric pops up and tries attacking Rush but Rush is too fast and uses the ropes to hit a hurricanrana. Cedric swipes Rush off hits feet and hits him with a huge drop kick.

Rush is in the corner as Cedric lays him down with hard chops as Rush screams in pain. Cedric hits a big soccer kick to the chest of Lio Rush and goes for the pin. 1..2.. and kickout. Cedric is in control as he throws Lio rush over his head and runs at Rush in the corner but Rush is able to escape. Cedric hits a drop kick to the knees of Lio rush and leaves him hanging on the second turnbuckle. Cedric then hits Lio rush with a Hard penalty kick right to the million dollar face of Lio Rush. Cedric tries to get back in the ring but Rush catches him with a superkick and a big suicide dive to the outside of the ring.  Lio Rush hits a huge dropkick onto Cedric as he’s against the barricade then ramps him into the steel steps , hopes back in the ring and demands the ref start counting. Cedric gets back in the ring at 6 as Lio rush as a grin on his face as he rushes Cedric in the corner with a barrage of punches and kicks. Another ” lets Go Lio/ Lio sucks” chant breaks out. Lio rush slows down the pace with a crossbody to the body and a chokehold to Cedric. Cedric tries to counter but Lio Rush hammers him with some forearms to the back of the head. Cedric finally gets some offense getting to his feet with Rush on his back and ramming him into the corner. Cedric tries to throw Rush in the corner but Lio rush counters and tries kicking him in the gut, Cedric catches his foot but Rush flips out and hits a combo of flips onto Cedric. Lio toys around with Cedric, gets caught and Cedric hits a big back elbow to the jaw of Lio. Cedric hits a big kick to the side of a head of Lio rush then a springboard clothesline. Cedric goes for the Lumbercheck but Rush Flips out. Rush tries using his speed to dodge Cedric but Cedric is able to hit a handspring  enzuigiri. Cedric goes for the flat-liner again and this time he lands it and goes for the pin. 1..2.. and kick out from Rush! Cedric stares at Rush with a look of disbelief. Rush gets back into it hitting some kicks of his own then hitting a crazy spinning Killswitch!! RUSH GOES FOR THE PIN 1…2.. AND NO! What a freaking match! Lio rush can’t believe it and neither can the crowd! Lio rush hits some forearms to the jaw of Cedric but Cedric lays Rush out with one forearm . Rush hits some palm strikes but Cedric goes for the Michonoku Driver but no its reversed into a roll up! 1….2… NO! Spanish fly from Lio Rush, He climbs to the top for Final hour but NOPE CEDRIC ROLLS OUT,  LUMBERCHECK ATTEMPT, ITS REVERSED! CEDRIC LIFTS RUSH UP FOR A POWERBOMB AND ITS REVERSED INTO A HURRICANRANA!! RUSH GOES FOR THE PIN 1…2. CEDRIC KICKS OUT SOMEHOW!! Lio Rush then hits a bottom rope springboard stunner but Cedric uses his adrenaline to pop back up and hit a Spanish fly! CEDRIC LIFTS RUSH UP FOR THE LUMBERCHECK AND FINALLY NAILS IT! CEDRIC GOES FOR THE PIN 1…2.. 3! LIO RUSH HAS BEEN DEFEATED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SINGLES ACTIONS!

Winner: Cedric Alexander

–Backstage promo from Ali who says Murphy says he’s been through hell and back for the title and on Sunday he’ll have to do it one more time and Ali will be right there with him. Ali then states that the championship means more to him the Buddy Murphy will ever understand and in the end its Strength vs Speed, Aggression vs Determination and anger vs heart and on Sunday he’ll show the world even a juggernaut cant stop the unstoppable!