WrestleMania 36 Results: Sami Zayn vs Daniel Bryan, Intercontinental Championship

After more than a little outside interference on both sides, the so-called “Great Liberator” Sami Zayn defeated Daniel Bryan this Saturday night at WrestleMania 36, retaining his WWE Intercontinental Championship.

The following results are from ProWrestling.com’s exclusive live coverage of night one of WrestleMania 36, courtesy of Matthew Wilkinson:


Sami Zayn tries to avoid actually wrestling early on, hiding in his corner and then getting out of the ring to talk with his group. Sami then gets back into the ring and then gets out once again. Daniel Bryan then gives chase several times on the outside, but Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura stand in his way.

However, after the third attempt by Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak dives off the ring apron and takes them both out, dumping them over the barricade. Sami then starts walking away, but Bryan finally gets hold of him and drags Sami into the ring.

Zayn begs for Daniel to leave him alone, but Bryan begins the attack with several knee strikes. Sami tries to fall out of the ring again, but Bryan follows through with a suicide dive and several major kicks and strikes to Sami. Then back in the ring, Bryan connects with a missile dropkick as he remains in control.

Bryan then unloads two huge slaps and several big kicks with Zayn struggling to get any offence in. Zayn finally catches Bryan with an elbow and then follows it up with a big clothesline that takes Bryan down. Sami then hits several of his own slaps and chops, but Bryan then picks up the pace and connects with a big clothesline and then his classic Yes Kicks.

Gulak begins a yes chant on the outside, but Nakamura and Cesaro then return, launching him into the steps. Bryan makes the save with a suicide dive to them on the outside and as he returns to the ring, leaping off the top rope, Zayn hits a version of his Helluva Kick to retain!

Winner (And Still Intercontinental Champion): Sami Zayn

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