Veteran Indie Wrestler LuFisto Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, Full Statement & How to Help

Independent wrestler LuFisto announced today, on her 38th birthday of all days, that she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

In a statement made on her official website, the 20-year veteran noted that doctors found the cancerous cells last week, and she will require a minimally invasive surgery to remove them. They will also be taking samples to test if the disease has spread to her uterus, and if it has she will require a full hysterectomy to stop it from spreading any further. To make matters work, the full procedure will apparently not be covered in full by her health insurance provider.

LuFisto, also known as the “First Lady of Hardcore” was born in Quebec, Canada and has been wrestling since 1997. She has worked virtually everywhere on the indie scene from women’s promotions like Shimmer, Shine and Women’s Wrestling Revolution to Beyond, Evolve, Progress, PWG and was a mainstay in CZW for over a decade.

At this time there are no official campaigns to raise funds, but if you’re looking to support LuFisto please consider buying a t-shirt, DVD or possibly even some ring-worn outfits from her official website at or her store at Pro Wrestling Tees.

From… I don’t know what else to say. Everything is in there. Thank you.

— LuFisto (@LuFisto) February 16, 2018

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