Tommy Dreamer Talks ECW Being Funded By WWE Since Day One, How He Was Approached For ALL IN, More

ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet regarding how ECW was funded by WWE, his ALL IN involvement and more. Below are some highlights and you can check out the full interview in the video player above.

On ECW being funded by WWE since day one:

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“I did not find out that Paul was in bed with them until we did any episode of Byte This together and we said it on the air and if you watch my face you can see it. The story changes all the time, Jim Ross who was the head of talent relations at the time says they were in bed together all the time and that Paul Heyman would get checks, but Paul said he didn’t get checks. It’s many, many conspiracy theories. Shane McMahon told me Paul was in bed with WWE the entire time. Bruce Prichard said he was in bed with them since day one.”

How he was asked to be part of ALL IN:

“Honestly, when I saw NWA’s YouTube show ’10 Pounds of Gold’ and Cody talked about Dusty’s five guys I seriously got all teary eyed. Then when talking with Glacier and DDP they were like we didn’t know that either. So now we’re forever connected. A lot of people say in life you can count your friends on one hand or you’re lucky if you can count them on two and for the fact that Dusty Rhodes counted three wrestlers that were part of his five guys, it was an amazing, amazing thing that we all witnessed together. Cody is someone I hired into WWE and The Young Bucks, I use them all the time on my shows and they were like my main eventers before people thought they were main eventers. They’re my guys.”

Wanting to interject in Cody Rhodes’ ALL IN match:

“My wheels are always turning and I actually wanted to turn on him for real and just shoot my own angle. Come on now, I want the NWA title too! That’s how Dusty would have thought it. If I turned on him, I’d be the bitter old veteran people would be like ‘How dare you?’”

His guest appearance on Impractical Jokers:

“That show is 99% real. I had no clue he was going to wrestle me. We actually had a big production meeting before and I said once he gets in the ring with me if he doesn’t sell my stuff I’ll beat him up and then they just shot him out. He was dressed in a Peter Pan costume, originally they had said that he was going to be at a play, but he knew he wasn’t at a play.”