TNA Bound For Glory PPV Results (10/4/2015): Charlotte, N.C.

TNA Bound For Glory 2015

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TNA X-Division Championship
Ultimate X
– DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Andrew Everett

After the lengthy video package intro, the TNA Bound For Glory 2015 pay-per-view kicks off with classic X-Division action, as the popular Ultimate X starts off the TNA Bound For Glory 2015 pay-per-view from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Out comes the competitors for the opening Ultimate X contest, including DJ Z, Tigre Uno, Manik and the newcomer in this mix, Andrew Everett.

Straight from the word “go,” all of these guys are flipping and flying all over the place, to the delight of the fans here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There are more high spots and near falls than any human being would ever dare try and keep track, however when all was said and done, Uno managed to retain his X-title in what was a very typical, but very awesome TNA pay-per-view opening bout.

Winner and NEW TNA X-Division Champion: Tigre Uno

After The Match: A familiar face returns!

After what was an action-packed, exciting opening bout for TNA Bound For Glory, out of nowhere, Gregory Helms (Shane Helms, The Hurricane) comes out to the ring. Uno, still the TNA X-Division Champion, remains in the ring. Helms eventually makes it to the ring and he stares down Uno. Finally, he grabs Uno’s arm and raises it in the air, giving the TNA X-Champ his veteran stamp of approval.

Ethan Carter III Hypes Tonight’s Main Event

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III makes his way to the top of the stage. He cuts a promo and hypes tonight’s TNA title main event for Bound For Glory 2015. He says that Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy’s title aspirations die tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina. EC3 lets out a Ric Flair style “Woooo!” after reminding everyone that he debuted at Bound For Glory two years ago, and how B.F.G. is in his blood.

Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match:
Mr. Anderson vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Eli Drake vs. Al Snow vs. Aiden O’Shea vs. Robbie E vs. Mahabali Shera vs. Tyrus vs. Chris Melendez vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss vs. The Pope

After EC3’s on stage promo, we head back to the ring for our second match of the evening, which is another multiple person bout, as our Bound For Glory Gauntlet Match is up next.

The bell rings and all four guys immediately go at it. Our fans here in Charlotte, North Carolina are loving every minute of it!! We’re ten minutes into the match now, there have been so many entrances and eliminations, it’s hard to keep track of, however anyone who spent any amount of time in this contest officially — is listed in the bold header directly above. The action, however, is non-stop and we’ve even had some suprise entrants in the match.

The match comes down to the final two opponents, Tyrus and Mr. Anderson and the two stare each other down and immediately go at it. The two brawl for about three minutes where Tyrus hits the big splash for the 1, 2, 3.

Tyrus wins the Bound For Gold Gauntlet match, which leads to TNA champ EC3 coming down to the ring. He puts over Tyrus for his win and says that’s why he hired him, to watch his back. EC3 says with the win, Tyrus can challange any champ he wants, but it won’t be him because they are going to team up and go after the tag team championship.

After talking for a few seconds, Tyrus finally reveals that he’s not interested in tag titles and will in fact go after EC3 for the title, EC3 looks shocked, music plays and that ends this segment.

Winner of the TNA Bound For Gold Gauntlet 2015: Tyrus