The Rock Discusses His WrestleMania Match With Hulk Hogan

The Rock recently answered a Q&A on his Instagram, discussing his incredible WrestleMania match with Hulk Hogan and how it came about.

The Rock discussed how Vince McMahon pitched the idea of Hulk Hogan returning to the company to work a match with him.

“About six months before the match happened, Vince McMahon came to me and said, ‘How do you feel about bringing Hulk Hogan back?’ For years, Hogan was in WCW and we participated in the Monday Night Wars. I think Hogan had left WWE on not so great terms. He asked, ‘How do you feel about bringing Hogan back?’ I said, ‘How does the locker room feel?’ He said, ‘I talked to a few locker room leaders and it’s mixed.’ I said, ‘I love it. I think having him back is intriguing and very selfishly, I would like to wrestle him.’ He said, ‘Funny you say that. I have a match in mind. You vs. Hogan at WrestleMania.’ I loved it. Immediately, I saw the marquee, I saw the build up, I saw the promotion and the intrigue for the fans. It’s the match you never thought you’d see. I said, ‘I love it. What about the rest of the NWO? Scott Hall and Kevin Nash?’ He said, ‘I’m going to bring them back too.’ I said, ‘Great.’ I’m a big fan of Scott Hall and his work style and I had never worked with Nash,” he said.

The Rock also discussed the change within the match as he made the decision to work as a heel in order to get the fans to fully get behind Hulk.

“The moment he threw me, I decided, I could have taken the bump and landed on my back and sold it like a babyface, which means I would have gotten up determined and ready to lock up again. Nine times out of ten, I would have sold it like that because I was a babyface. But in the moment, something told me, my gut spoke to me and said ‘I’m gonna sell this thing like a heel.’ I land on my back, I do this backflip, I get up and have this look on my face like, ‘You just embarrassed the shit out of me.’ In that moment, it gave 68,000 people the runway to not be conflicted. It immediately identified Rock is the bad guy, Hogan is the good guy.”

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Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of the history making ICON vs ICON WrestleMania match between myself and the Immortal @HulkHogan. Here’s my answer to your questions about how I felt about our iconic match and some unique backstory to our build up and the importance of doing something that’s served me my whole life – always listen to my gut. Thanks for all your great questions and thank you, Terry for passing the torch. Truly, my honor. Stay health everyone and take care of one another — we will get thru this. #iconvsicon #goat #listentoyourgut

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