The Intelligence Lies Just Keep Coming…

As Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explains why he outright lied to a Senate committee about the NSA surveillance program, two U.S. senators are adding the warning: don’t believe what the intelligence agencies tell you about their programs.

As we reported:

In a letter released Tuesday, Clapper aplogized for his “clearly erroneous” testimony, and said it was because he forgot about part of the Patriot Act, even though Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) had given him a day advance notice of the question and a chance after the hearing to fix his answer.

Clapper’s lie constitutes a felony, Glenn Greenwald writes on Wednesday, and wonders: why isn’t this a huge scandal?   On top of that, it’s not just Clapper lying about NSA surveillance, Greenwald contines:

Last week, the NSA was also publicly exposed for posting a false “fact sheet” on the Prism internet spying program that deceptively portrayed U.S. privacy protections as stronger than they actually are.

Addressing the “bulk collections” of internet metadata conducted from 2001-2011 revealed last week, U.S. Senators Wyden and Mark Udall (D-Colo.), members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, issued a statement on Tuesday warning that intelligence officials misrepresented the effectiveness of the program. They wrote, in part:

Spokesman Tom Caiazza added that Wyden “is deeply troubled by a number of misleading statements senior officials have made about domestic surveillance in the past several years.”


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