The Fiend’s Red Lighting Reportedly Returning In The Future

According to a report by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio, the infamous red lighting for The Fiend’s matches are set to return.

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The red mood lighting has been a staple of The Fiend since he arrived in WWE for matches and segments, but it is something fans have complained about.

Having the lighting during segments where he attacks people have worked, but during matches it has made things difficult to see, meaning the match quality has suffered. However, during his WWE Universal Championship strap match at the Royal Rumble, the lighting was gone. It massively improved the match and The Fiend had his best bout yet with Daniel Bryan.

Sadly, for those who want it to stay that way, Dave Meltzer has reported that is not the case and that it is set to return. He noted that the lighting has been back at live events and that he believes Daniel Bryan specifically requested it to be gone for their match.

“Wyatt beat Miz to keep the Universal title using the mandible claw. They brought back the red tinting during this match, so I guess Bryan asked for it to be removed, they had a great match, and then they brought it back.”

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Wrestling Observer Radio