Rusev Says He’s Not Re-Signed with WWE

Rusev took to Twitter to throw some cold water on a claim that he had re-signed with WWE. After a fan went off on the much-criticized Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley storyline and said Rusev made a “huge mistake re-signing with WWE,” the WWE star posted saying, “Who said I’ve re signed!?!?” 
There’s been no reports that Rusev re-signed with the company, though it was reported back in June that there was word his contract was up “relatively soon.” There’s no word on when that “relatively soon” might be. 
Who said I’ve re signed !?!? …
Lee Shellum 
Replying to @Shellum_Lee 
WWE have their stars on 5 year deals, and you just don’t see how any of these guys are going to reach their potential. Rusev made a huge mistake re-signing. Thing is, outside of WWE, AEW is a new company and NJPW are growing here, but I can’t see anyone making the waves WCW did. Click Here: cnc rapid prototyping