Punishment Martinez On What Is Responsible For Pro Wrestling’s Current Boom, His In-Ring Intensity, Is He ‘All In’?

ROH star Punishment Martinez recently spoke with Hollywood Life to promote tonight’s ROH Best in the World PPV, and below are some interview highlights.

On where his ring intensity comes from:

[laughs]Well, physically, I train seven days a week. Whether it is a gym lifting or in a wrestling facility like the Monster Factory where I am in the ring and training with a buddy. I like to do martial arts, which I really still am part of. Mentally, I guess I used to fight before I was a pro wrestler. I put myself into that zone and am like, ‘All right, it is now do or die!’ So, I need to succeed and I psych my self out right before I go through that curtain.

On wrestling’s current boom:

Yeah man. It is crazy right now! Just to be a part of it. I just think social media has helped wrestling so much. It is now easily accessible and now, you don’t have to wait for one night a week to watch wrestling. Now you can watch every night and every single day on so many different platforms.

Ring of Honor is taking full advantage of that with our streaming service [HonorClub] Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and every other platform in between. So that is something that attributes to the latest success of professional wrestling and bringing social media and fans who are really going out of their way to watch it every way shape or form.

Is he ‘All In’?:

I don’t know. We will see because I haven’t really discussed much about that with anyone or anybody. I know that they are still contacting people but no as of right now I have no announcement or confirmation for ALL IN.

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I am happy for those guys [Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks] and it is incredible what they achieved. Again, it goes to show that professional wrestling, social media and hard work – t hey put in a lot of work. It is not all about fun and games and people assume it is. It is crazy the amount of hours that those guys put in. Its not just them — everybody has — and they have just done it longer so they are getting rewarded. We all strive to that and hope to be in their position one day.

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