MLB Advanced Media CEO Speaks On A Number Of WWE Network-Related Topics

The following are highlights of a recent interview with MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman:

On WWE’s decision to offer their monthly PPVs on the WWE Network: “I don’t think they’ll be giving it up; it’ll still be available. The notion of doing a monthly subscription for terrific content, others have done it before. But Vince (McMahon) is taking it to the next obvious level. He put his fans and customers first and in the long-run and maybe even the short run it will be well received.”

On WWE targeting a younger audience with the WWE Network: “The real infrastructure is customer expectations, and that’s the No. 1 thing that’s changed. They’re used to buying soft goods online. They’re doing it two to three times more than they used to three or four years ago. This next generation of fans watches long-form video on an iPhone. We never thought that would happen. But they do.”

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