Jerry Lawler Reveals He Got Called Out By a WWE Star Backstage at Royal Rumble

On the latest edition of “Dinner with the King”, host and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler told a backstage story from the WWE Royal Rumble PPV last weekend, and revealed Mark Henry confronted him when he arrived to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. You can listen to the entire show clip above, and below is a quote from Lawler:

“The first person I saw [at the Royal Rumble arena]was Mark Henry. And all of a sudden Mark Henry has got this real serious look on his face and he says, ‘I think me and you gonna have to fight’…And so then I sat down across from him and I said, ‘me and you gonna have to fight? About what?’ And he said, ‘my friend.’ And I said, ‘who’s your friend?’ And he said, ‘Pete. Pete Rosenberg’. And I said, ‘well what about Pete Rosenberg?’ And he says ‘you know I got him [into WWE]?’ I mean, he said he’s a huge fan, his house is like a shrine to wrestling. Everything in his house is wrestling. His whole life is about wrestling.”

Lawler went on to say that Henry explained to him that Pete Rosenberg feels The King doesn’t like him due to the work they did on the Royal Rumble pre-show, and Lawler explained that he was just trying to insert some drama into the pre-show and that he has no problem with Rosenberg. Lawler then said Henry let his guard down a bit and said maybe Rosenberg was being a bit too sensitive, and Lawler once again said he does not dislike Rosenberg, and that he does not know him well enough to dislike him. Lawler ended the story by setting the record straight and telling Rosenberg, “Pete I have no problem with you. We’re good.”

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