Hulu to still carry Smackdown on FOX on-demand

The Hulu Support team has confirmed that Smackdown will still be part of the Hulu video library even though the show is moving to FOX starting tomorrow.
Past Smackdown episodes vanished from the streaming service last week and Hulu confirmed that the rights for the past episodes of Smackdown expired on September 25 and Hulu cannot show the old episodes as part of their vast library.
But the bad news was met with some good news as Hulu confirmed they will still carry the new episodes. “We will continue to have new episodes of WWE Smackdown starting with this week’s episode,” a tweet from their support account said.
Hulu uploads the full version of Smackdown the morning after the show airs on television. The streaming service also carries a two-hour version of Raw and a one-hour version of NXT as part of the cheaper $5.99 a month subscription.
Smackdown will now require no cable subscription and anyone with a free-to-air antenna can get the show in the United States. It will also stream live on the FOX Sports app.Click Here: