Fox Nation honors military personnel with new content, free membership for Memorial Day

Pete Hegseth hosts highly-decorated veterans on Fox Nation’s ‘Modern Warriors: Reflections,’ who share their war stories, combat moments, thoughts on military morale today, and why they served.

This Memorial Day, Fox Nation treats subscribers to fresh, new, exclusive content inspired by America’s heroes — and an even sweeter surprise for them: a one-year free membership to the streaming service.

Fox Nation is thrilled to thank soldiers currently serving in active duty – as well as our nation’s veterans – for their service to our country with its new ‘Grateful Nation’ promotion. For one whole year, military personnel will get to enjoy a wide variety of Memorial Day-inspired content free of charge — like Pete Hegseth’s ‘Modern Warriors,’ Johnny Joey Jones’ ‘USA Ink,’ Shannon Bream’s ‘Hero Dogs,’ and ‘America’s Top Ranger,’ a look at the 2021 “Best Ranger” competition in Fort Benning, Georgia.

From decorated dogs to the history of war-time tattoos, Fox Nation has no shortage of patriotic content this holiday.


“Here in America, we conflate what Veterans Day is with what Memorial Day is,” said former U.S. Army Pilot Wesley Hunt, who joined host Pete Hegseth alongside other veterans for the series, ‘Modern Warriors: Reflections.’ 

“Memorial Day is for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to wake up in the morning and put our feet on free sovereign American soil, and breathe free sovereign American air.”

“And people died for it,” Hunt continued. “They died for all Americans.”

Former U.S. Marine Richard Casper, who is also featured in ‘Reflections,’ further explained why it’s necessary for Americans to recognize Memorial Day. 

“They always say you die twice — the moment you pass, and the moment that someone speaks your name for the last time,” noted Casper. “And so to memorialize them [veterans who’ve died in battle] is so important… because we have to keep saying their name.”


While Memorial Day serves to honor the many men and women who’ve sacrificed their lives for our American freedoms, Fox Nation explores how a man and woman’s best friend often exemplifies a similar sense of bravery. 

From the battlefield to the home front, Season 3 of Fox Nation’s ‘Hero Dogs’ features first-hand accounts of courageous canines saving lives. The series, hosted by Fox News’ Shannon Bream, profiles three news dogs whose brave efforts have ranged from their work during drug raids, to protecting American soldiers in Afghanistan. 


Though tattoos have become a widely accepted form of memorialization and self-expression, tattooing in American history dates back to markings on soldiers during the Civil War. Many who fought in early-on battles were branded in order to be identified, in the event they were injured or killed in the line of duty.

Fox Nation’s new series ‘USA Ink,’ illustrates the history and significance of tattooing’s pervasive spread throughout culture in America, and how it’s progressed over time alongside it. 

Host and combat veteran Johnny Joey Jones explores its inky origins — true experts and enthusiasts track the first known tattoo back to an iceman — and takes a deeper look at how tattoos have been used to celebrate our patriots and U.S. soldiers, who marked themselves during our most impactful wars. 

The series also sees Jones getting new ink by fellow Army vet, Will XX of the Blaque Salt Studio. His piece, inspired by the United States Second Amendment, debuts on Fox Nation. 


Finally, who doesn’t like a little competition? 

Fox Nation special ‘America’s Top Ranger’ goes inside the 2021 “Best Ranger,” the longest-running military contest in the U.S. 

The three-part documentary series records the three-day-long physical battle between soldiers. Two-man teams compete for 62 hours straight while carrying 75 pounds on their backs and maneuvering 70 miles of obstacles with 38 total events.


If you don’t quite have an appetite for the aforementioned series, maybe Steve Doocy and NFL powerhouse Joe Theismann will help fuel your Memorial Day menus; the latest episode of ‘Cooking with Steve Doocy’ features the Super Bowl XVII champ — who, with the help from the ‘Fox & Friends’ host, cooks up some fried chicken in celebration of the occasion.

Regardless of your tastes, Fox Nation has something for everyone this Memorial Day. Enjoy everything ‘Grateful Nation’ has to offer by signing up today.


Military members and veterans get one free year of Fox Nation if they sign up today.

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