Former professor slams NYC psychiatrist who talked about shooting White people as ‘unfit to practice medicine’

Former Princeton professor Dr. Carol Swain argues that the New York City psychiatrist who made the statement ‘should not be practicing medicine.’

Former Princeton professor Dr. Carol Swain argued on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday that the New York City psychiatrist who told a Yale School of Medicine audience that she had fantasies of “unloading a revolver into the head of any White person” that got in her way is “unfit to practice medicine.”

 “She should not be practicing medicine,” Swain told host Lawrence Jones. “What she says matters.” 

“There are lunatics that may be listening to her speech right now that will go out and act on her fantasy,” Swain explained. “She has planted that in someone’s mind.”

Dr. Aruna Khilanani made the remarks at the Ivy League institution’s Child Study Center on April 6, adding that she’d walk away from the shooting “with a bounce in my step” and that White people “make my blood boil” and “are out of their minds and have been for a long time,” the New York Post reported. Audio of the talk was posted on the substack online platform of former New York Times opinion writer and editor Bari Weiss on Friday.  

 “That statement should have ended the career of that doctor because she is unfit to practice medicine,” Swain said on Sunday. 

“This is ridiculous, this is unprofessional, it’s un-American, it’s probably illegal. If not, it should be,” she added. 

Khilanani did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment. 

On Friday, Khilanani tweeted, “Lol Looks like everyone is a in a tizzy ! About fantasies dreams. But not actions.” 

A flyer promoting the lecture and posted online by Weiss revealed the title, “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” and advertised “learning objectives” such as the prompt to “Understand how white people are psychologically dependent on black rage,” the Post reported. 


Khilanani reportedly opened her statements by telling the Yale audience that she is going to “say a lot of things, and it will probably provoke a lot of responses, and I want you to just maybe observe them in yourself.”

During the speech she reportedly said that “addressing racism assumes that White people can see and process what we are talking about,” but “they can’t.”


Speaking on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday, Swain said, “there is a dangerous double standard that allows racial and ethnic minorities to engage in hate speech without any consequence and this has been going on for years.”

“What I’ve always noticed is that the universities seem to reward the ones who make the most outrageous, the most hate-filled statements,” she continued. “It’s been that case ever since I’ve been in academia.”


Jones pointed to a statement from a spokesperson with the Yale School of Medicine who said, “To emphasize that the ideas expressed by the speaker conflict with the core values of Yale School of Medicine, we added the disclaimer: ‘This video contains profanity and imagery of violence.’”

“Yale School of Medicine expects the members of our community to speak respectfully to one another and … does not condone imagery of violence or racism against any group,” the statement continued. 

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