Father pays car dealer $10,000 after daughter scratches 10 cars in showroom

According to police in Crystal River, Florida, the driver of a white Toyota Camry lost control of the vehicle causing it to jump over two rows of cars in front of a Ford dealership showroom, before landing in the parking lot. The driver had a medical issue that caused him to become dizzy and veer across the grass siding, through a ditch and over a berm at high speeds, launching him 139 feet through the air.

A Chinese man had to pay an auto dealer $10,000 last week and he didn’t even get a new car for it.


The man and his wife and daughter were with a friend who was car shopping at a showroom in Guilin in November when the three-year-old girl slipped away and got into a little bit of mischief.

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She reportedly found a rock and used it to scratch 10 of the luxury automobiles parked in the store, one worth over $80,000, before someone noticed what she was doing.

According to 7News, the dealer sued the customer for the equivalent of $28,000, arguing that the damage means that the cars can no longer be legally be sold as new, but settled the case for $10,000.