Farès Bahlouli: “If I had to change 1 thing: shut my mouth & work no matter what.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, ex-Lyon and Lille promising attacking midfielder Farès Bahlouli, now 25 and playing for Ukrainian 2nd division side Metal Kharkiv, admits that he went wrong in his approach to a professional career in football.

“I think my story can help people realise that talent alone is not enough. You can be the greatest genius in football, if you don’t work and you’re not mentally prepared, it won’t work. In modern football, that is not enough. You have to be able to repeat the performances and be prepared to be a war machine. If I had to change just one thing, it would be this: shut my mouth and work no matter what. An obstacle appears? Ok, I’ll work two more hours. A second obstacle? I’m going to work four hours. Turn all of those negative things into work and don’t take it personally.”

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