Far-left ‘Young Turks’ hosts rip Pelosi: Delaying stimulus was ‘purely political calculation’ to hurt Trump

Chef and restaurateur Robert St. John says he’s holding out hope for help from the new Congress in 2021.

Far-left pundit Cenk Uygur criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, reiterating that not everyone in the Democratic Party is in lockstep when it comes to the $900 billion coronavirus relief package.

Uygur, a former MSNBC host who founded the progressive digital outlet The Young Turks, said that any reporter who calls Pelosi a "master legislator" is "not really a reporter" because she failed to get what she initially wanted.

"They’re just a really, really sad sycophant for people in power," Uygur said.


Cenk Uygur said that any reporter who calls Pelosi a "master legislator" is "not really a reporter" because she failed to get what she initially wanted. (Seb Daly/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Co-host Ana Kasparian feels that Pelosi would do whatever is necessary to hurt President Trump despite what is best for the American people and that is why the bill was delayed, as a more robust package could have been passed prior to the election.

"Pelosi made a purely political calculation prior to the election and that calculation was to turn down a more robust relief package that was being proposed by the White House because she knew that there was a possibility that it would help Donald Trump’s chances of getting reelected," Kasparian said.

"That’s what it was really about at the end of the day, and that’s the reason why she decided to reject that package and then immediately sign on to this slim package, this skinny package that doesn’t give Americans the relief that they absolutely need," Kasparian continued.

"I understand the risk in doing, what I think would have been the right thing, in signing onto the original relief package, but when you consider the devastation that Americans are facing right now, you understand the weight of the issue."

Last month, Uygur blasted President-elect Joe Biden for taking a passive approach to Trump’s election fraud claims, saying the former vice president is insulting voters by refusing to right back.

Uygur, who is no fan of Trump, didn’t think Biden was doing enough to combat Trump’s various claims that he lost the election because of widespread voter fraud.


"You might want to open your mouth and talk about how they’re trying to steal the election," Uygur said on "The Young Turks Live," directing his comments to Biden.  

"They are on the opposite side of you. They’re right now trying to end democracy because they’re un-American. They’d rather have power than have a democracy. You might want to make that point, so that people understand what is happening," Uygur said.