Eddie Edwards On How Personal His Feud Is With Sami Callihan, Fearing He Would Lose His Eye After Bat Accident

Impact Wrestling star Eddie Edwards recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, and below are some interview highlights.

On the personal nature of his feud with Sami Callihan:

“This is definitely the most personal storyline I have ever been involved in, it started with me getting hit in the face with a baseball bat,” said the 34-year-old Edwards, who has worked as one of wrestling’s unsung heroes for the past decade. “It’s tough to get more intense or personal than that.”

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On fearing he would lose his eye after the baseball bat incident:

“But the docs never gave me any real reason to think I would be losing my eye, so it was nice not hearing the worse possible thing right off the bat.

“But losing my eye was my immediate concern. As soon as I got hit, I put my hand over my eye, started walking up the ramp to the back and all I was thinking was that I really hoped my eye was not hanging out of my head or in my hand.”

Here’s your Receipt @TheSamiCallihan. Who’s unsafe now. #Redemption #DieHard #AiP pic.twitter.com/eH8Jl6uSIa

— Eddie Edwards (@TheEddieEdwards) April 23, 2018

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