Dixie Carter Q&A: Jarrett's Promotion, TNA Wrestler Pay Issues, Spike TV Status

The following are highlights of a recent Dixie Carter Twitter Q&A:

Hey Dixie, when will the Slammiversary location be announced?: “Next week.”

Dixie what about all the negative press about the wrestlers not getting paid: “Interesting how that all came out when we released talent.”

Will you bring Chris Hero to TNA soon?: “No plans I am aware of.”

Any update on your long term relationship with Spike TV?: “They are great partners. Meetings happening re:several TNA programs.”

Dixie, there is talk of a new wrestling promotion by a former business partner of yours. So how are you going to compete with this new wrestling company? Finally would you see this new promotion as competition?: “I only compete with things that are real. And I take that very seriously.”

ARE YOU ON GOOD TERMS OR BAD TERMS WITH JEFF JARRETT???????: “I wish him nothing but happiness….”

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