Chelsea Green, WWE resolving issue over trademarking of birth name

Chelsea Green and WWE are in the process of resolving a dispute over the trademarking of her birth name.

On Sunday, Green tweeted, “I never thought I’d be in a legal battle for my birth given name” and that she would discuss it more on the Monday edition of her podcast.

She had given WWE consent to allow them to file a trademark on her name last November upon signing a new contract as she was called up to the main roster for SmackDown.

She then got injured and was released in April. However, WWE was apparenly trying to keep ownership of the trademark despite that being her real name.

Fightful reported that WWE reached out to Green and said they were going to release the trademark so she could use it which they also confirmed with Green. She said would elaborate more on her podcast.

Green is currently working with both Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

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