Bret Hart Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Botched Surgery, Seeks $1 Million In Damages has reported that WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart is suing Dr. Justin Yeung over a claim that the doctor botched a surgery on Bret’s wrist.

The article source originated from The Calgary Sun, where it’s reported that The Hitman has been left without the use of his right index finger and thumb and is suing for 1 million dollars.

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The report claims that in 1981 Bret chipped his scaphoid, one of the small bones located within the wrist. Bret sought help in 2015, and Dr. Yeung advised him that he could repair the wrist with partial fusion of the wrist bones. Hart underwent the surgery but when he had the pins removed, he claimed that he had ongoing swelling and pain and had lost functionality of his index finger. Dr. Yeung advised to wait and see that he should wait and see how it healed, but Hart continued to feel pain and lack mobility throughout 2016.

Hart is now unable to properly dress without assistance, unable to use his right hand to pick up objects including pens, pencils, utensils, etc. Hart is seeking 1 million in damages, and recently underwent a second procedure in October, but it remains to be seen how that procedure will turn out.