Austin Idol Discuses Nostalgia and Why He Likes Nick Aldis & The Territory System No Longer Being Around

Austin Idol joined Nick Aldis as a guest on this week’s episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he talked about the territory system and nostalgia.Below are some highlights from the interview.

Idol on Nostalgia:

“Nostalgia will always be huge, whether it’s rock and roll or a sporting team, it will never go away. This is cool because with the NWA you can grab the nostalgia audience who remember all of it, regardless of where it was. What is cool about this is you have those people and then people who didn’t know too much about it because it was asleep, they are starting to see it’s cool.”

Why he works with Nick Aldis:

“This guy (Nick Aldis) is cool, he’s a wrestler as well as being a professional athlete, he is a wrestler and that’s what I love about Nick. I thought that before we ever hooked up on an agreement, he is an athlete, he is a real smart guy but he is a real wrestler and that’s something that has slipped away a little bit but I do believe there is an audience that says that’s good stuff.”

The territory system:

“Well he (Vince McMahon) went after it and grabbed everyone up, most of the territories and the footage, give him his dues he’s a very smart guy. It doesn’t really affect me because I was very fortunate. I was able to carve out my career, I had control over it. Not in the beginning but, you can have an opportunity but that doesn’t mean you will be successful. My best opportunity was in Memphis and I was in and out for a decade, longer than anybody and I had control over my destiny, the promoter didn’t like it but they knew it. I was box office, there is a fine line, you have to be a business person. You don’t want to wrestle full time because I didn’t care about Wednesday or Thursday night, I could stay home at the beach. I am getting the money shots, I wanted that they flew me in and out and worked three days a week.” 

Source :

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

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