The silliest TikTok challenges of 2020



Americans killed a lot of time with TikTok this year. 

The social media app known for its viral dance trends, cooking hacks and funny short videos has encouraged everyone to "level-up" this year with a number of challenges. Here are some of the top viral trends of the year. 

Level-Up Challenge 

People were challenged to build a wall out of any material and see if they could successfully jump over it. The stunt was to be pulled to the soundtrack of Ciara’s "Level-Up," and it wasn't exclusive to humans, either. Plenty of pets got in on the fun.

Flip the Switch Challenge 

This popular challenge consisted of partners or pals standing in front of a mirror, wearing different outfits, before abruptly cutting to the same scene, albeit with both participants having traded outfits. Celebrity pair-ups for the challenge included Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez, Camila Cabello and choreographer Calvit Jr., and comedian Kate McKinnon and Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

Couples Challenge(s)

Here’s the ultimate test to see if you really know your significant other: This challenge tasks participants with listening to an audio recording or questions about their relationship. (Alternately, a friend could ask questions from just off-screen.) Each member must close their eyes and point to whomever they think best fits the question. It's also worth noting that this was one of many #CouplesChallenges to go viral on TikTok in 2020.


Dance Challenge(s)

Perhaps one of the most popular Tiktok challenge trends consisted of learning a new dance to a catchy song verse, like The Weeknd’s ‘80s-inspired "Blinding Lights" or Megan Thee Stallion’s hit "Savage." Each has its own choreography.


The Plank Challenge 

The Plank Challenge, which has actually been around for years, made the transition to TikTokin 2020, where it promptly began putting abs to work. One way into this challenge is a regular up-and-down plank, where you move in tandem with a song. If you have a partner, you’ll plank side by side.

The Wipe-It-Down Challenge

The "Wipe It Down" challenge, set to the tune of "Wipe It Down" by BMW Kenny, usually starts the same way across the board: A TikTok user is seen spraying down their mirror with some kind of cleaning agent and then wiping it off to the beat of the song. On the third or fourth "wipe," however, the TikTokker appears to "wipe" away a level of reality, briefly exposing some kind of alternate universe where they’re not confined to their sweatpants for the foreseeable future.