Teddy Hart Shoots On Samoa Joe, Bret Hart & CM Punk, Sheamus Releases New Webseries (Videos)

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

Teddy Hart Shoots On Samoa Joe, Bret Hart and CM Punk

RFVideo.com has released the following video preview for the upcoming “Reflections” shoot interview with Teddy Hart. During the interview preview, Hart shoots on his uncle Bret Hart, Samoa Joe, CM Punk and more:

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Sheamus Releases New YouTube Series (Videos)

WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Sheamus has released a new YouTube series called “Celtic Warrior Workouts”, and below are the first two episodes featuring his tag partner Cesaro, Kurt Angle and Chris Cavallini:

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“It’s not all pumping iron! Celtic Warrior Workouts had the privilege of training with Alex Cuschieri at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium with my Tag Team partner Cesaro & WWE RAW General manager & Olympic Gold Medal Kurt Angle. I put my soccer skills up against Cesaro but who reached The Bar? Brave Change”:

“An awesome HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training session with Chris Cavallini in Tampa Florida. A workout to get your heart pumping and get your mind working. Stuck in a rut? Brave Change, challenge yourself, and start mixing it up today:”