Serge Aurier on Periscope scandal: “My family was not ready to receive all this hate.”

Speaking in an Instagram Live, Tottenham Hotspur and Ivorian international right-back Serge Aurier discussed his Periscope scandal in 2016, where he insulted a host of key figures at PSG, during a live stream.

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“If I say that I regret it, it means that I did it on purpose. When you regret something, it is because you did it intentionally and you say to yourself: f*** why did I do that? On that day, that application, we didn’t even know what it was. I did not imagine that anyone was watching. We were fooling around, we were young…”

“It was not the best period of my life. Today, you ask people who were there at the time, they would say that I was not going to get back up again. It was not something I did purposefully. I have regrets in relation to my family. My mother was not in the best state during this period. I was prepared, but my family was not ready to receive all this hate. I quit PSG (in 2017), because in my head it was no longer working. My family was not doing well. My mother could no longer go out in certain places without being heckled.”