Santino Marella On “Rude Fans” At WrestleMania, Young Bucks Finally Have Competition

Former WWE Superstar, Santino Marella gave his thoughts on the fans who chanted ‘this is awful’ during the WrestleMania 34 main event.

The live New Orleans crowd spent the majority of the time hating on the match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, with ‘this is awful’ chants as well as the crowd being more focused on a beach ball in the audience.

Santino Marella gave his thoughts on the situation, claiming the fans were rude and that the smart marks got swerved hard by the finish of the match and all ended up popping for the result.

Every rude ass smart mark that chanted “this is aweful” got swerved hard, got put in their place, & popped huge in the end #enduser #watchit

— Santino Marella (@milanmiracle) April 9, 2018

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Young Bucks Have Competition

Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks tweeted about Braun Strowman and his new tag team partner, Nicholas, claiming that the Bucks finally have some competition.

We finally have some competition.

— The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) April 9, 2018

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