Lana Says You Shouldn’t Assume People’s Sexuality

As we previously reported, CM Punk criticized the segment on RAW that featured Liv Morgan revealing she was an ex of Lana. He claimed that WWE needed to “hire people who actually understand what representation means to the audience they’re trying to reach.” The segment did draw some criticism from featuring what fans believe are straight women playing women that aren’t straight. While Lana didn’t respond directly to Punk or make any announcements about her own sexuality, she did say that people shouldn’t assume the sexuality of others. 
She wrote: “Don’t assume someone’s sexuality. Just because they are not out spoken in the LGTBQ community doesn’t mean that they’re not pansexual, bisexual, gay, transgender or trying to process their sexuality. Even if they are married. For many it’s complicated. Please have compassion. For people growing up in religious homes, different parts of the world & cultures you have no idea how complicated it can get when it comes to ones sexuality. So in 2020 please let’s not judge & assume. But let’s show more empathy, sympathy & compassion. #HappyNewDecade.”Click Here: Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey Sale