Kane Set To Return To WWE SmackDown This Week

It has been confirmed that the WWE Legend, Kane, will be returning to WWE tomorrow night on WWE SmackDown for a special appearance on the show.

Less than a week after his fantastic conversation with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions, the Big Red Machine will be back inside a WWE ring.

It is unknown exactly why Kane is returning to WWE this week, but given his history with Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan, it could be to further that storyline. Although, WWE.com is actually teasing the idea that he could be making a WWE Royal Rumble announcement.

Below is WWE’s official announcement about his upcoming return:

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“Former WWE Champion and current Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, Kane makes his return to SmackDown this Friday for a special appearance.

“The Big Red Machine has competed in more Royal Rumble matches and has more eliminations than any Superstar in WWE history, and with the match on the horizon, could Kane be ready to make history once again?”