John Cena Reveals His WWE WrestleMania 35 Status, Will He Be In New York?

During a recent interview with Hoda Kotb on The Today Show Radio, WWE Superstar John Cena took questions from fans, revealing his WrestleMania 35 status.

Cena’s appearances for WWE have been few and far between recently with his commitments to expanding his film career and this has put some doubt into whether or not he will be at ‘Mania next year for WWE’s biggest show.

During his appearance for the radio show, Cena was asked a question by a young fan whether or not he will be at WrestleMania 35, and Cena made a promise to them that he will be there, although he didn’t reveal whether or not he plans on actually wrestling at the show.

“Where is WrestleMania 35? New York? I’m here right now, right? Do you- would you like to see me in WrestleMania 35? Then you know what, I was thinking about missing it, but because you want to see me there, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I promise you I’ll be there. I promise.”

John Cena will next be in a WWE ring at the controversial WWE Crown Jewel event where he is set to take part in the WWE World Cup tournament, though his opponent for the show is unknown at this moment.

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The Today Show Radio

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