From Kathua To Unnao, Rape Victims’ Cries Have Gone Unheard. Has India Failed Its Daughters?

Has India failed in ensuring justice to its rape victim daughters? This question is lingering in the minds of all thinking citizens of the country. You must be watching and reading news about what is happening in India after two gang rape cases have rocked the nation. In Unnao a woman was allegedly raped by BJP MLA, while her father who went to file the complaint was brutally beaten by his supporters, leading to his death. The second is the cardinal sin that tainted Jammu where an8-year-oldMuslim girl was kidnapped, gang-raped for days and later killed and thrown on the streets by goons.

What is more disturbing is the fact that both cases, besides being brutal in nature, is a result of sheer power exercised by the influential people in the society. It is an outcome of the thought process that nobody can touch a ‘well connected’ person even if he is involved in the most heinous crime humanity has ever seen.

Moreover, the selective outrage of the people is always adding to the frustration as it took days and months in two respective cases for the people to wake up and realise how humanity was muzzled in their neighbourhood.Click Here: All Blacks Rugby Jersey