CM Punk To Return To WWE After UFC Run?, Talks Hogan Racism Controversy

The following are highlights of a brand new CM Punk interview:

On his reaction to the Hulk Hogan racism controversy:

“I don’t really have a comment on it. Like I said, though, stuff that you say can come back and bite you in the ass. Everybody gets what they deserve in the world. Hopefully he issued a sincere apology and we can all move on from it. We all have said stupid things, and I don’t think you should judge somebody on what they said a long time ago. But some of the stuff is harsher than other things. It is what it is.”

On WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, who popularized Diego Sanchez’s “Yes!” chant to the WWE audience, supporting Punk’s MMA aspirations:

“I thought it was pretty cool. Everybody in WWE whether they admit it or not are big fans of the UFC. Like everything else, they are 10 years behind the curve on everything, but they are slowly warming up to MMA. Now it’s all Ronda Rousey. But a couple of years ago when I mentioned her they told me the sport was despicable. Everything they are doing now is something I told them five years ago. They live in a bubble. When you are on the road this much, you are “all in” and nothing else matters; I lived in a bubble. They built this empire and they are the best at what they do. But they still have no [bleeping] idea what goes on outside their bubble.”

Throughout the rest of the interview, “The Best in the World” himself — CM Punk — openly discusses the possibility of returning to WWE after he is done with his UFC career, which may or may not last longer than one fight.